Hi there! I'm a big-time anime and manga fan, and have made Japan a regular travel stop for myself. While I haven’t been collecting as long as many of the people here on Rubberslug, I have my own manga library (1600+ volumes), as well as an extensive collection of signed items. Many of these were purchased online, while some come from visits to conventions and the like. I am new to the world of cel collecting, so here is my collection as it stands, with more to come in the near future. I hope you enjoy my collection.

News & Updates

10/16/2017In an ironic need to pay for original art from an Archie comic story about cel collecting, I just put my one of my La Blue Girl cels and my Naruto background art on eBay. Offers are open on the Team 7 and Garra/Yashamaru art.
6/23/2017If you see only one of a cel in one of my gallery exhibits and are interested, feel free to make a bid/trade offer. I'm always looking for interesting cels. Many of these are ones I just happened across or ones that I could use for trade fodder.
6/23/2017Updated all my cels with proper thumbnails for easy viewing. I plan to add series descriptions soon, starting with the Kickstarter anime Under the Dog.
1/17/201720th_Century_Otaku now open.

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Title Last Updated
***SOLD*** 1/25/2017
After-School Love Club (18+) 1/23/2017
Angel of Darkness (18+) 6/9/2017
Animaniacs 6/28/2017
Batman Beyond 7/19/2017
Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion 8/21/2017
Demon Beast Invasion (18+) 6/9/2017
Dragon Knight (18+) 1/25/2017
Dragonball Z 8/17/2017
F3: Frantic, Frustrated, and Female (18+) 6/9/2017
Famiresu Senshi Purin (18+) 7/12/2017
Genocyber 10/13/2017
King of Bandits: Jing 10/6/2017
Kiss Yori (18+) 1/23/2017
Kite (18+) 1/25/2017
La Blue Girl (18+) 8/18/2017
Magical Twilight (18+) 10/12/2017
Mahou Sensei Negima 6/8/2017
Meiking (18+) 7/21/2017
Mighty Ducks 7/19/2017
Monster Musume 6/5/2017
Naruto 10/4/2017
Negima?! 10/16/2017
New Angel (18+) 6/9/2017
One Piece 8/21/2017
Original Sketches (Anime/Manga) 10/13/2017
Pokemon 1/23/2017
Rahxephon 9/25/2017
Samurai Troopers 6/9/2017
Shuffle! 1/23/2017
Shusaku the Letch (18+) 6/10/2017
Signed Items 8/21/2017
Spider-Man: The Animated Series 6/21/2017
Sprite (18+) 10/12/2017
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7/20/2017
Tennen Koi-iro Alcohol (18+) 1/17/2017
The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor 6/29/2017
TOKIO Private Police (!8+) 6/9/2017
Twin Dolls (18+) 1/23/2017
Under The Dog 6/28/2017
Unknown 18+ 10/12/2017
Unknown Cels 10/4/2017
Venus 5 (18+) 10/4/2017
Wolf's Rain 6/9/2017
Words Worth 1/23/2017
Yu Yu Hakusho 11/1/2017
Yu Yu Hakusho TCG Signature Series 2/20/2018

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Gallery Created: 8/17/2016
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